Automated Testing Using Travis CI

Mininet is now using Travis CI for automated testing!

Whenever code is pushed to Mininet, Travis CI starts a test job that installs Mininet, runs a simple sanity test, and the “quick” tests for HiFi, the walkthrough, and the example code.

The full results are available on Travis CI’s Mininet page, and the status of the most recent master build is part of the README on Github:

Travis CI also verifies all new pull requests and displays their build status in the pull request discussion.

Mininet will continue to be tested in several ways on private servers, but our hope is that having a public-facing CI will give members of the community a better sense of how Mininet is tested and the quality of the codebase. Furthermore, we hope that by automatically testing pull requests, we will reduce the likelihood of merging broken code and reduce the testing burden on maintainers.