Announcing Mininet 2.2.1

Mininet 2.2.1 is primarily a performance improvement and bug fix release.

  • Batch startup has been implemented for Open vSwitch, improving startup performance.

  • OVS patch links have been implemented via OVSLink and --link ovs

    Warning! These links have serious limitations compared to virtual Ethernet pairs: they are not attached to real Linux interfaces so you cannot use tcpdump or wireshark with them; they also cannot be used in long chains - we don’t recommend more than 64 OVSLinks, for example --linear,64. However, they can offer significantly better performance than veth pairs, for certain configurations.


  • You can now easily install Mininet on a Raspberry Pi (simply by using -fnv or -a) ;-)

  • mn now accepts multiple --controller arguments

  • --controller remote and RemoteController now accept ip arguments of the form <IP address>:<port> (in addition to ip=<IP>,port=<port>)

Additional information for this release and previous releases may be found in the Release Notes on

The easiest way to get started with Mininet is to download a VM image.

Download, installation, and upgrade instructions may be found at .

The latest Mininet source code is available on github and also via

Thanks to all of the Mininet contributors! A number of interesting features and improvements are already in the works for Mininet 2.3.