Mininet Wins ACM SIGCOMM SOSR Software Systems Award !

We are pleased to announce that Mininet has won the ACM SIGCOMM SOSR Software Systems Award!

“The ACM SIGCOMM SOSR Software Systems Award is given to an individual or an institution to recognize the development of a software system that has had a significant impact on SDN research, implementations, and tools. The impact may be reflected in the widespread adoption of the system, or of its underlying concepts, by the wider SDN community, either in research projects, in the open-source community, or commercially.”

The award also includes an invited talk, and the talk slides may be found here.

The SOSR 2017 program and proceedings may be found here.

Mininet’s ongoing success and impact would not be possible without the support and contributions from the Mininet community, so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and to say that we look forward to working together to continue to make Mininet a better and more useful system!