Mininet Python API Reference Manual
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cmininet.clean.CleanupWrapper for cleanup() interface object that can configure itself interface on an OVSSwitch customized by tc (traffic control) utility Allows specification of bandwidth limits (various methods) as well as delay, loss and max queue length basic link is just a veth pair that makes patch links between OVSSwitches with TC interfaces with default settings optimized for UserSwitch (txo=rxo=0/False)
 Cmininet.log.MininetLoggerMininet-specific logger Enable each mininet .py file to with one emulation with hosts spawned in network namespaces network
 Cmininet.node.NodeA virtual network node is simply a shell in a network namespace
 Cmininet.node.ControllerA Controller is a Node that is running (or has execed?) an OpenFlow controller
 Cmininet.node.NOXController to run a NOX application
 Cmininet.node.OVSControllerOpen vSwitch controller
 Cmininet.node.RemoteControllerController running outside of Mininet's control
 Cmininet.node.RyuRyu OpenFlow Controller
 Cmininet.node.HostA host is simply a Node
 Cmininet.node.CPULimitedHostCPU limited host
 Cmininet.node.SwitchA Switch is a Node that is running (or has execed?) an OpenFlow switch
 Cmininet.node.IVSSwitchIndigo Virtual Switch
 Cmininet.node.OVSSwitchOpen vSwitch switch
 Cmininet.node.OVSBridgeOVSBridge is an OVSSwitch in standalone/bridge mode
 Cmininet.node.UserSwitchUser-space switch
 Cmininet.nodelib.LinuxBridgeLinux Bridge (with optional spanning tree)
 Cmininet.nodelib.NATNAT: Provides connectivity to external network
 Cmininet.topo.MultiGraphUtility class to track nodes and edges - replaces networkx.MultiGraph
 Cmininet.topo.TopoData center network representation for structured multi-trees
 Cmininet.topo.LinearTopoLinear topology of k switches, with n hosts per switch
 Cmininet.topo.SingleSwitchReversedTopoSingle switch connected to k hosts, with reversed ports
 Cmininet.topo.SingleSwitchTopoSingle switch connected to k hosts
 Cmininet.topo.MinimalTopoMinimal topology with two hosts and one switch
 Cmininet.topolib.TorusTopo2-D Torus topology
 Cmininet.topolib.TreeTopoTopology for a tree network with a given depth and fanout
 Cmininet.util.NullCodecNull codec for Python 2
 Cmininet.util.PexpectCustom pexpect that is compatible with str
 Cmininet.log.StreamHandlerNoNewlineStreamHandler that doesn't print newlines by default
 Cmininet.log.SingletonSingleton pattern from Wikipedia See
 Cmininet.cli.CLISimple command-line interface to talk to nodes
 Cmininet.log.MininetLoggerMininet-specific logger Enable each mininet .py file to with one