Mininet Python API Reference Manual
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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|oCmininet.clean.CleanupWrapper for cleanup()
| interface object that can configure itself
|| interface on an OVSSwitch
||\ customized by tc (traffic control) utility Allows specification of bandwidth limits (various methods) as well as delay, loss and max queue length
| basic link is just a veth pair
|| that makes patch links between OVSSwitches
||\ with symmetric TC interfaces configured via opts
|| \ with default settings optimized for UserSwitch (txo=rxo=0/False)
|oCmininet.log.MininetLoggerMininet-specific logger Enable each mininet .py file to with one
| emulation with hosts spawned in network namespaces
||\ network
|oCmininet.node.NodeA virtual network node is simply a shell in a network namespace
||oCmininet.node.ControllerA Controller is a Node that is running (or has execed?) an OpenFlow controller
|||oCmininet.node.NOXController to run a NOX application
|||oCmininet.node.OVSControllerOpen vSwitch controller
|||oCmininet.node.RemoteControllerController running outside of Mininet's control
|||\Cmininet.node.RyuController to run Ryu application
||oCmininet.node.HostA host is simply a Node
|||\Cmininet.node.CPULimitedHostCPU limited host
||oCmininet.node.SwitchA Switch is a Node that is running (or has execed?) an OpenFlow switch
|||oCmininet.node.IVSSwitchIndigo Virtual Switch
|||oCmininet.node.OVSSwitchOpen vSwitch switch
||||\Cmininet.node.OVSBridgeOVSBridge is an OVSSwitch in standalone/bridge mode
|||oCmininet.node.UserSwitchUser-space switch
|||\Cmininet.nodelib.LinuxBridgeLinux Bridge (with optional spanning tree)
||\Cmininet.nodelib.NATNAT: Provides connectivity to external network
|oCmininet.topo.MultiGraphUtility class to track nodes and edges - replaces networkx.MultiGraph
|\Cmininet.topo.TopoData center network representation for structured multi-trees
| oCmininet.topo.LinearTopoLinear topology of k switches, with n hosts per switch
| oCmininet.topo.SingleSwitchReversedTopoSingle switch connected to k hosts, with reversed ports
| oCmininet.topo.SingleSwitchTopoSingle switch connected to k hosts
| |\Cmininet.topo.MinimalTopoMinimal topology with two hosts and one switch
| oCmininet.topolib.TorusTopo2-D Torus topology
| \Cmininet.topolib.TreeTopoTopology for a tree network with a given depth and fanout
|\Cmininet.log.StreamHandlerNoNewlineStreamHandler that doesn't print newlines by default
|\Cmininet.log.SingletonSingleton pattern from Wikipedia See
|\Cmininet.cli.CLISimple command-line interface to talk to nodes
 \Cmininet.log.MininetLoggerMininet-specific logger Enable each mininet .py file to with one