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mininet.topo.MinimalTopo Class Reference

Minimal topology with two hosts and one switch. More...

Inheritance diagram for mininet.topo.MinimalTopo:
mininet.topo.SingleSwitchTopo mininet.topo.Topo

Public Member Functions

def build
- Public Member Functions inherited from mininet.topo.SingleSwitchTopo
def build
 k: number of hosts
- Public Member Functions inherited from mininet.topo.Topo
def __init__
 Topo object. More...
def build
 Override this method to build your topology. More...
def addNode
 Add Node to graph. More...
def addHost
 Convenience. More...
def addSwitch
 Convenience. More...
def addLink
 node1, More...
def nodes
 Return nodes in graph.
def isSwitch
 Returns true if node is a switch. More...
def switches
 Return switches. More...
def hosts
 Return hosts. More...
def iterLinks
 Return links (iterator) More...
def links
 Return links. More...
def addPort
 Generate port mapping for new edge. More...
def port
 Get port numbers. More...
def linkInfo
 Return link metadata dict.
def setlinkInfo
 Set link metadata dict.
def nodeInfo
 Return metadata (dict) for node.
def setNodeInfo
 Set metadata (dict) for node.
def convertTo
 Convert to a new object of networkx.MultiGraph-like class cls. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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def sorted
 Items sorted in natural (i.e. More...
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- Public Attributes inherited from mininet.topo.Topo

Detailed Description

Minimal topology with two hosts and one switch.

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