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Control network. More...

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Public Member Functions

def configureControlNetwork
 Configure control network. More...
def configureRoutedControlNetwork
 Configure a routed control network on controller and switches. More...
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def __init__
 Create Mininet object. More...
def waitConnected
 wait for each switch to connect to a controller, up to 5 seconds More...
def addHost
 Add host. More...
def delNode
 Delete node. More...
def delHost
 Delete a host.
def addSwitch
 Add switch. More...
def delSwitch
 Delete a switch.
def addController
 Add controller. More...
def delController
 Delete a controller Warning - does not reconfigure switches, so they may still attempt to connect to it!
def addNAT
 Add a NAT to the Mininet network. More...
def getNodeByName
 Return node(s) with given name(s)
def get
 Convenience alias for getNodeByName.
def __getitem__
 net[ name ] operator: Return node with given name
def __delitem__
 del net[ name ] operator - delete node with given name
def __iter__
 return iterator over node names
def __len__
 returns number of nodes in net
def __contains__
 returns True if net contains named node
def keys
 return a list of all node names or net's keys
def values
 return a list of all nodes or net's values
def items
 return (key,value) tuple list for every node in net
def addLink
 "Add a link from node1 to node2 More...
def delLink
 Remove a link from this network.
def linksBetween
 Return Links between node1 and node2.
def delLinkBetween
 Delete link(s) between node1 and node2. More...
def configHosts
 Configure a set of hosts. More...
def buildFromTopo
 Build mininet from a topology object At the end of this function, everything should be connected and up. More...
def configureControlNetwork
 Control net config hook: override in subclass.
def build
 Build mininet. More...
def startTerms
 Start a terminal for each node. More...
def stopXterms
 Kill each xterm. More...
def staticArp
 Add all-pairs ARP entries to remove the need to handle broadcast. More...
def start
 Start controller and switches. More...
def stop
 Stop the controller(s), switches and hosts.
def run
 Perform a complete start/test/stop cycle. More...
def monitor
 Monitor a set of hosts (or all hosts by default), and return their output, a line at a time. More...
def ping
 Ping between all specified hosts. More...
def pingFull
 Ping between all specified hosts and return all data. More...
def pingAll
 Ping between all hosts. More...
def pingPair
 Ping between first two hosts, useful for testing. More...
def pingAllFull
 Ping between all hosts. More...
def pingPairFull
 Ping between first two hosts, useful for testing. More...
def iperf
 Run iperf between two hosts. More...
def runCpuLimitTest
 run CPU limit test with 'while true' processes. More...
def configLinkStatus
 Change status of src <-> dst links. More...
def interact
 Start network and run our simple CLI. More...
def init
 Initialize Mininet.

Additional Inherited Members

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def randMac
 Return a random, non-multicast MAC address.
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 inited = False

Detailed Description

Control network.

   Create an explicit control network. Currently this is only
   used/usable with the user datapath.

@param Notes

   1. If the controller and switches are in the same (e.g. root)
      namespace, they can just use the loopback connection.

   2. If we can get unix domain sockets to work, we can use them
      instead of an explicit control network.

   3. Instead of routing, we could bridge or use 'in-band' control.

   4. Even if we dispense with this in general, it could still be
      useful for people who wish to simulate a separate control
      network (since real networks may need one!)

   5. Basically nobody ever used this code, so it has been moved
      into its own class.

   6. Ultimately we may wish to extend this to allow us to create a
      control network which every node's control interface is
      attached to. 

Member Function Documentation

def (   self)

Configure control network.

def (   self,
  ip = '',
  prefixLen = 16 

Configure a routed control network on controller and switches.

For use with the user datapath only right now.

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