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mininet.node.CPULimitedHost Class Reference

CPU limited host. More...

Inheritance diagram for mininet.node.CPULimitedHost:
mininet.node.Host mininet.node.Node

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def cgroupSet
 Set a cgroup parameter and return its value.
def cgroupGet
 Return value of cgroup parameter.
def cgroupDel
 Clean up our cgroup.
def popen
 Return a Popen() object in node's namespace. More...
def cleanup
 Clean up Node, then clean up our cgroup.
def checkRtGroupSched
 Check (Ubuntu,Debian) kernel config for CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED for RT.
def chrt
 Set RT scheduling priority.
def rtInfo
 Internal method: return parameters for RT bandwidth.
def cfsInfo
 Internal method: return parameters for CFS bandwidth.
def setCPUFrac
 Set overall CPU fraction for this host. More...
def setCPUs
 Specify (real) cores that our cgroup can run on.
def config
def init
 Initialization for CPULimitedHost class.
- Public Member Functions inherited from mininet.node.Node
def __init__
def fdToNode
 Return node corresponding to given file descriptor. More...
def startShell
 Start a shell process for running commands.
def mountPrivateDirs
 mount private directories
def unmountPrivateDirs
 mount private directories
def cleanup
 Help python collect its garbage. More...
def read
 Buffered read from node, potentially blocking. More...
def readline
 Buffered readline from node, potentially blocking. More...
def write
 Write data to node. More...
def terminate
 Send kill signal to Node and clean up after it. More...
def stop
 Stop node. More...
def waitReadable
 Wait until node's output is readable. More...
def sendCmd
 Send a command, followed by a command to echo a sentinel, and return without waiting for the command to complete. More...
def sendInt
 Interrupt running command. More...
def monitor
 Monitor and return the output of a command. More...
def waitOutput
 Wait for a command to complete. More...
def cmd
 Send a command, wait for output, and return it. More...
def cmdPrint
 Call cmd and printing its output. More...
def popen
 Return a Popen() object in our namespace. More...
def pexec
 Execute a command using popen. More...
def newPort
 Return the next port number to allocate. More...
def addIntf
 Add an interface. More...
def delIntf
 Remove interface from Node's known interfaces. More...
def defaultIntf
 Return interface for lowest port.
def intf
 Return our interface object with given string name, default intf if name is falsy (None, empty string, etc). More...
def connectionsTo
 Return [ intf1, intf2... More...
def deleteIntfs
 Delete all of our interfaces. More...
def setARP
 Add an ARP entry. More...
def setHostRoute
 Add route to host. More...
def setDefaultRoute
 Set the default route to go through intf. More...
def setMAC
 Set the MAC address for an interface. More...
def setIP
 Set the IP address for an interface. More...
def IP
 Return IP address of a node or specific interface. More...
def MAC
 Return MAC address of a node or specific interface. More...
def intfIsUp
 Check if an interface is up. More...
def setParam
 Internal. More...
def config
 Configure Node according to (optional) More...
def configDefault
 Configure with default parameters.
def linkTo
 (Deprecated) Link to another node replace with Link( node1, node2)
def intfList
 List of our interfaces sorted by port number.
def intfNames
 The names of our interfaces sorted by port number.
def __repr__
 More informative string representation.
def __str__
 Abbreviated string representation.
def checkSetup
 Make sure our class and superclasses are set up.
def setup
 Make sure our class dependencies are available.

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from mininet.node.Node

Static Public Attributes

 inited = False
- Static Public Attributes inherited from mininet.node.Node
int portBase = 0
dictionary inToNode = {}
dictionary outToNode = {}
 isSetup = False

Detailed Description

CPU limited host.

Member Function Documentation

def mininet.node.CPULimitedHost.config (   self,
  cpu = -1,
  cores = None,
cpudesired overall system CPU fraction
cores(real) core(s) this host can run on
paramsparameters for Node.config()
def mininet.node.CPULimitedHost.popen (   self,

Return a Popen() object in node's namespace.

argsPopen() args, single list, or string
kwargsPopen() keyword args
def mininet.node.CPULimitedHost.setCPUFrac (   self,
  sched = None 

Set overall CPU fraction for this host.

fCPU bandwidth limit (positive fraction, or -1 for cfs unlimited)
sched'rt' or 'cfs' Note 'cfs' requires CONFIG_CFS_BANDWIDTH, and 'rt' requires CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED

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