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mininet.topolib.TorusTopo Class Reference

2-D Torus topology More...

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Public Member Functions

def build (self, x, y, n=1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mininet.topo.Topo
def __init__ (self, *args, **params)
 Topo object. More...
def build (self, *args, **params)
 Override this method to build your topology.
def addNode (self, name, **opts)
 Add Node to graph. More...
def addHost (self, name, **opts)
 Convenience. More...
def addSwitch (self, name, **opts)
 Convenience. More...
def addLink (self, node1, node2, port1=None, port2=None, key=None, **opts)
 node1, More...
def nodes (self, sort=True)
 Return nodes in graph.
def isSwitch (self, n)
 Returns true if node is a switch.
def switches (self, sort=True)
 Return switches. More...
def hosts (self, sort=True)
 Return hosts. More...
def iterLinks (self, withKeys=False, withInfo=False)
 Return links (iterator) More...
def links (self, sort=False, withKeys=False, withInfo=False)
 Return links. More...
def addPort (self, src, dst, sport=None, dport=None)
 Generate port mapping for new edge. More...
def port (self, src, dst)
 Get port numbers. More...
def linkInfo (self, src, dst, key=None)
 Return link metadata dict.
def setlinkInfo (self, src, dst, info, key=None)
 Set link metadata dict.
def nodeInfo (self, name)
 Return metadata (dict) for node.
def setNodeInfo (self, name, info)
 Set metadata (dict) for node.
def convertTo (self, cls, data=True, keys=True)
 Convert to a new object of networkx.MultiGraph-like class cls. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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def sorted (items)
 Items sorted in natural (i.e. More...
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Detailed Description

2-D Torus topology

WARNINGthis topology has LOOPS and WILL NOT WORK with the default controller or any Ethernet bridge without STP turned on! It can be used with STP, e.g.:

mn –topo torus,3,3 –switch lxbr,stp=1 –test pingall

Member Function Documentation

◆ build()

def (   self,
  n = 1 
xdimension of torus in x-direction
ydimension of torus in y-direction
nnumber of hosts per switch

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