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mininet.log.StreamHandlerNoNewline Class Reference

StreamHandler that doesn't print newlines by default. More...

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Public Member Functions

def emit (self, record)
 Emit a record. More...

Detailed Description

StreamHandler that doesn't print newlines by default.

Since StreamHandler automatically adds newlines, define a mod to more easily support interactive mode when we want it, or errors-only logging for running unit tests.

Member Function Documentation

◆ emit()

def mininet.log.StreamHandlerNoNewline.emit (   self,

Emit a record.

If a formatter is specified, it is used to format the record. The record is then written to the stream with a trailing newline [ N.B. this may be removed depending on feedback ]. If exception information is present, it is formatted using traceback.printException and appended to the stream.

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