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Basic interface object that can configure itself. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name, node=None, port=None, link=None, mac=None, **params)
def cmd (self, *args, **kwargs)
 Run a command in our owning node.
def ifconfig (self, *args)
 Configure ourselves using ifconfig.
def setIP (self, ipstr, prefixLen=None)
 Set our IP address.
def setMAC (self, macstr)
 Set the MAC address for an interface. More...
def updateIP (self)
 Return updated IP address based on ifconfig.
def updateMAC (self)
 Return updated MAC address based on ifconfig.
def updateAddr (self)
 Return IP address and MAC address based on ifconfig.
def IP (self)
 Return IP address.
def MAC (self)
 Return MAC address.
def isUp (self, setUp=False)
 Return whether interface is up.
def rename (self, newname)
 Rename interface.
def setParam (self, results, method, **param)
 Internal. More...
def config (self, mac=None, ip=None, ifconfig=None, up=True, **_params)
 Configure Node according to (optional) More...
def delete (self)
 Delete interface.
def status (self)
 Return intf status as a string.
def __repr__ (self)
def __str__ (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Basic interface object that can configure itself.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def (   self,
  node = None,
  port = None,
  link = None,
  mac = None,
**  params 
nameinterface name (e.g. h1-eth0)
nodeowning node (where this intf most likely lives)
linkparent link if we're part of a link other arguments are passed to config()

Member Function Documentation

◆ config()

def (   self,
  mac = None,
  ip = None,
  ifconfig = None,
  up = True,
**  _params 

Configure Node according to (optional)

macMAC address
ipIP address
ifconfigarbitrary interface configuration Subclasses should override this method and call the parent class's config(**params)

◆ setMAC()

def (   self,

Set the MAC address for an interface.

macstrMAC address as string

◆ setParam()

def (   self,
**  param 


methodconfigure a single parameter
resultsdict of results to update
methodconfig method name
paramarg=value (ignore if value=None) value may also be list or dict

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