Contribute to Mininet

Mininet is an open source project created and maintained for and by a community of networking and SDN enthusiasts. You are encouraged to join the discussion and also to contribute to the Mininet project in whatever way works best for you. Here are several possibilities:

Join the Mailing List

We encourage you to participate in a high-quality discussion via the mininet-discuss mailing list. To sign up for the mailing list, go to

Read and Contribute to the FAQ

We encourage you to contribute helpful questions and answers to the FAQ.

Submit Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please file any Mininet bug reports and feature requests by creating a new issue on github.

Please feel free to submit patches and pull requests along with your issue.

Add New Features and core Mininet code

If you are working on a new feature, please create an issue for the feature you’re working on so that we can all avoid duplicating effort. When your new feature (or fix) is ready, submit a pull request and/or attach a patch to your issue.

You may also wish to examine or contribute to the Mininet Project Ideas page including the recommended Mininet Development Process.

Enhance the Mininet Documentation

High-quality documentation drastically enhances the usability of any project. Much of Mininet’s documentation is directly editable on the wiki at .

Create Mininet Apps

Mininet is a useful platform for a variety of applications. Creaete your own and add them to

Create Useful Tools, Extensions, Topologies, Classes, and other Packages

Please feel free to contribute to the Mininet Community Extensions and Packages page.

Participate in Google Summer of Code

Several Google Summer of Code 2013 participants have selected Mininet-based projects. Additional information can be found at