Mininet Python API Reference Manual Member List

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__init__(self, node1, node2, **kwargs)
mininet::link::Link.__init__(self, node1, node2, port1=None, port2=None, intfName1=None, intfName2=None, addr1=None, addr2=None, intf=Intf, cls1=None, cls2=None, params1=None, params2=None, fast=True, **params)
__str__(self) (defined in
fast (defined in
intf1 (defined in
intf2 (defined in
intfName(self, node, n)
isPatchLink (defined in
makeIntfPair(self, *args, **kwargs)
mininet::link::Link.makeIntfPair(cls, intfname1, intfname2, addr1=None, addr2=None, node1=None, node2=None, deleteIntfs=True)